Dua Lipa Boyfriend 2023: Who Is She Dating Now After Anwar Hadid


In this article, we will learn about Dua Lipa’s new boyfriend 2023, his name, and when they started dating. Let’s find out more.

Dua Lipa Boyfriend 2023: Who Is She Dating Now After Anwar Hadid

Who Is She: Dua Lipa is a famous singer & songwriter from Britain and Albania. She was born on August 22, 1995, in London, England. Dua Lipa is well-known for her music, which is a mix of pop, dance, and R&B styles.

Her music career really took off when she released her first album with her name, ‘Dua Lipa,’ in 2017. This album had many popular songs like ‘New Rules’ and ‘IDGAF.’ People loved her strong singing and the lyrics that many could relate to. Because of her success, she won important music awards, including Grammy Awards for being the Best New Artist & having the Best Dance Recording.

Not only is Dua Lipa known for her music, but she’s also famous for her great fashion sense and confidence when she performs on stage. She’s become a style icon and is often seen in fashion magazines & advertisements. She’s important in both the music and fashion worlds.

Dua Lipa keeps growing as a musician. She keeps releasing hit songs like ‘Don’t Start Now’ and ‘Levitating.’ Because of her fantastic voice, popular songs, and exciting performances, she’s a well-known and influential artist in music all around the world, & people from everywhere love her music.

Dua Lipa Age

Dua Lipa was born on August 22, 1995. She is now 28 years old, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Dua Lipa Height & Weight

Dua Lipa is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, and she weighs around 121 pounds.

Who Is Dua Lipa New Boyfriend

Dua Lipa has a new boyfriend named Romain Gavras. He’s a filmmaker from France who makes music videos and movies. They started dating in February 2023, and people saw them together at a famous film festival in May.

Romain Gavras is famous for making music videos for singers like M.I.A. & Jay-Z. He also works on ads for big brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. It’s interesting to know that his dad is a famous film director from Greece and France.

Romain is 42 years old, which is older than Dua, who is 27. Even though they have an age difference, they seem to like each other a lot and have been seen having fun on trips and outings.

In short, Dua Lipa’s new boyfriend is Romain Gavras, a filmmaker who makes cool music videos & ads. They started dating this year, and they seem to enjoy being together, even though they have an age gap.

Dua Lipa Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Dua Lipa has a lot of net worth, which people say is between $30 million and $45 million. She got all this money mostly from her singing job. She sings songs & makes albums, and many people like them all around the world. She also does big concerts, and that makes her even more money.

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Dua Lipa is not just a singer, she also works with famous clothing brands like Puma and Versace. This helps her get even more money. So, because of her songs, concerts, & fashion work, she is one of the richest and most famous young singers in the music world today.

Dua Lipa Ethnicity, Nationality & Religion

Dua Lipa is from two places, Albania and Britain. She was born in London, England, to Albanian parents. Her dad, Dukagjin Lipa, and her mom, Anesa Lipa, are both from Albania. Dua Lipa likes her Albanian background & sometimes shows it in her music and public appearances.

She’s also British because she was born in London. She grew up there and became a famous singer from the UK.

Dua Lipa doesn’t talk a lot about her religion. She keeps her personal life private and doesn’t say much about what she believes in. She’s more focused on her music and career than talking about her beliefs.

Dua Lipa’s Dreamy Birthday Getaway With Her New Boyfriend

Dua Lipa had a special 28th birthday celebration with her new boyfriend, Romain Gavras. They went on a romantic trip to Ibiza, Spain, along with Dua’s sister Rina & brother Gjin. Dua looked stylish in denim shorts and a white top with a red circle, plus cool orange heels. Romain chose a casual all-black outfit with sunglasses.

This birthday was a chance for Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras to be together and enjoy their time. It showed how happy they are in their relationship. They had a great time with family in a beautiful place, making wonderful memories for the famous pop star.

Dua Lipa’s Ex-Boyfriend

Dua Lipa’s ex-boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, is a famous American model. He was born on June 22, 1999, and he’s the younger brother of supermodels Gigi Hadid & Bella Hadid. Anwar’s family is really into fashion and showbiz.

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid started going out in June 2019, and everyone was curious about them because they’re both famous. They used to share pictures of their love on social media and went to events together.

But after more than two years, in December 2021, they decided to stop being a couple. They didn’t say much about why, but they talked about how they were both very busy with work. Even though they’re not together anymore, they’re still friendly and cheer each other on in their careers.

Now, Dua Lipa has been seen with other famous people, & Anwar is still doing his modeling job and using social media. Their past love story is part of their lives as they do different things in the public eye.

Dua Lipa New Boyfriend Age

Dua Lipa’s new boyfriend is named Romain Gavras, and he is 42 years old. He was born on July 4, 1981, which makes him older than Dua by about 15 years. Romain’s zodiac sign is Cancer, & he celebrates his birthday in early July. Even though there is an age gap between them, they seem happy together and often go out together.

Romain Gavras is a filmmaker from France, and he makes cool videos & movies. His experience in the entertainment world adds something interesting to his relationship with Dua Lipa, who is a famous pop star.

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