Does Mitt Romney Have 3 Wives? Learn About His Wife, Ann Davies

Does Mitt Romney Have 3 Wives? Learn About His Wife, Ann Davies

Mitt Romney is an American. He was born on March 12, 1947, in Detroit, Michigan. He was the boss of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. He ran for President for the Republicans in 2012 but didn’t win. He worked in a money business and started a company called Bain Capital. Many Republicans know him, and he helps with politics and charity.

Let’s find out more about Mitt Romney’s marriage and recent life events.

Summary of Mitt Romney’s 3 Wives

WifeMitt Romney married Ann Davies, and has kids, first met in 1965.
3 Wives?According to Google, Mitt Romney has one wife, there is no truth in 3 wives’ claims.
Father and GrandfatherMitt Romney’s father was George W. Romney, and his grandfather was Miles Romney.
Net WorthMitt Romney’s net worth is $300 million in 2023.
Notable AchievementsPolitics, business, public service.

Mitt Romney’s Marriage

Mitt Romney got married to Ann Davies in 1969. They have five kids. Their marriage is strong and important in his life. They go to public events together and help each other. Their strong marriage helps him in his political career.

Meet Ann Davies

Ann Davies is Mitt Romney’s wife. They got married in 1969. Ann takes care of their five kids. She helps people by giving to charities. Ann has an illness called multiple sclerosis, but she still helps others with the same problem. She helped Mitt Romney in his political work. She is important in his life and in public too.

Controversy Surrounding Mitt Romney’s Marital History

Mitt Romney got married to Ann Davies in 1969. He didn’t marry anyone else after that. The stories about 3 wives are not true at all. He has been happily married to his first wife, Ann Davies, for 44 years. They have five children together.

The Beginning of Mitt Romney and Ann Davies’ Love Story

Mitt Romney and Ann Davies met in 1965 at a party in Michigan. Mitt liked Ann’s looks and smarts right away. They talked and had a nice time that night. After that, they fell in love, got married in 1969, and they’re still happily married.

The Political Controversy Surrounding

Mitt Romney had some problems in politics. One was about healthcare in Massachusetts. People thought it was like Obamacare. In 2012, when he wanted to be president, some didn’t like him because he was rich and talked about the “47 percent.” He also disagreed with Donald Trump in his own party, and that caused more problems. But he’s still important in politics for being independent and sometimes not following party rules.

Mitt Romney’s Connection to Business, Public Service

Mitt Romney is good at both business and helping people. He started a company called Bain Capital before he became a politician. He was the boss of Massachusetts for a while from 2003 to 2007. He also tried to become the President of the Republican party in 2012. Because he knows about money and how to help people, he’s an important person in American politics. People listen to what he says about money and laws.

Lessons from Mitt Romney’s Politics

Mitt Romney’s politics teach us to be good with money and know about the economy. He worked with different people in Massachusetts, showing teamwork is important. Even when he didn’t win for president, he kept trying, which means don’t give up. He spoke his mind, even if his team disagreed, showing thinking for yourself matters in politics.

Wife Ann Davies: Mitt Romney’s Strongest Support

Ann Davies is Mitt Romney’s wife, and she’s always there to help him. They got married in 1969 and are very close. Ann supports Mitt in his political work and encourages him a lot. She also does good things to help people through charity work. Even though she has health problems like multiple sclerosis, she stays strong for her family and the things she cares about. Ann is a good example for others because she works hard and helps others.


Mitt Romney is famous in American politics. He did business, worked for the government, and tried to be president many times. He thinks we should be good with money, know about the economy, and work together. His long marriage to Ann Davies shows that having someone to help is important in politics. Even though Ann is not always well, she helps people, and Mitt Romney keeps working and saying what he thinks, even when others in his team don’t agree. What he knows and does is important in American politics.


1: Who is Mitt Romney’s wife?

Mitt Romney’s wife is Ann Davies Romney.

2: Is it true that Mitt Romney has 3 wives?

Absolutely not, Mitt Romney does not have three wives. That’s not true.

3: What is Mitt Romney’s net worth in 2023?

Mitt Romney’s net worth is $300 million in 2023.

4: How many children does Mitt Romney have?

Mitt Romney has five children, including sons and daughters.

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