Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? The Latest Pregnancy Speculations!


No, Selena is not pregnant. The reason these kinds of rumors are being shared on social media is because her outfit was tight. There is no truth to these claims, and there is no consensus on this matter. Selena looked very nice in that outfit.

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? The Latest Pregnancy Speculations!

Selena Gomez Pregnancy Rumor: A Quick Recap

AttireSelena stunned in a scarlet hand-beaded halter gown designed by Oscar de la Renta, perfectly complementing her best friend Taylor Swift’s style.
Pregnancy SpeculationHer close-fitting outfit sparked rumors of pregnancy, which garnered attention on social media and prompted Selena to address the speculation in a heartfelt Instagram post about her fertility struggles.
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Social Media BuzzFans and media discussed the rumors and Selena’s pics on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, using hashtags such as #SelenaGomez and #VMAs.
Privacy RespectThroughout the speculation, there was a reminder of the importance of respecting Selena’s privacy regarding her personal life and family planning decisions.

Excitement on the VMAs Red Carpet

At the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), Selena Gomez grabbed everyone’s attention. As she walked down the red carpet, people couldn’t help but notice her stunning look, and that’s when the rumors about her being pregnant started.

The Curious Bump

While all the glitz and glamour surrounded her, some people started wondering if Selena had a tiny baby bump. Her snug outfit made it seem that way, which caused people to begin thinking she might be expecting. After this picture and post were shared on X, rumors of Selena Gomez’s pregnancy went viral.

Fans Share Their Thoughts

People went on social media, like Twitter and Instagram, to talk about what they thought. They used hashtags like #SelenaGomez and #VMAs to share their ideas about Selena maybe having a baby. Some were excited about the idea, and some were more careful with their guesses.

Waiting for the Truth

The rumors keep going around, and fans are eagerly waiting to know if Selena is really going to have a baby. It’s important to remember that Selena deserves her privacy when it comes to her personal life and family choices. Until she decides to tell us more, we can only guess and hope for the best for her.


1: Is Selena Gomez pregnant?

Selena Gomez isn’t pregnant, rumors stemmed from her VMA outfit.

2: Where did the pregnancy rumors originate?

People started talking about pregnancy when she wore a tight VMAs dress, showing a little belly bump.

3: Has Selena Gomez addressed the pregnancy rumors?

No, Selena Gomez has not responded to these rumors because they are entirely baseless, and there is no truth to the pregnancy news.

4: Why do celebrity pregnancy rumors spread so quickly?

People quickly share celebrity baby news because they’re very interested in famous people’s private lives.

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