Is Rowoon married, and does he have a wife and children?

Is Rowoon married, and does he have a wife and children?

Who Is Rowoon: Rowoon is a famous singer and actor from South Korea. His real name is Kim Seok-woo, and he was born on August 7, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. He’s well-known for being tall, good-looking, and talented in many ways, which has made him really popular in the entertainment world.

He started his career in 2016 as a member of the K-pop boy group SF9, and they became very popular with songs like “Roar,” “Now or Never,” and “Good Guy.” Besides singing, Rowoon also acted in TV shows like “Extraordinary You,” “She Would Never Know,” and “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick.” People love his acting, and he’s seen as a very talented entertainer.

Rowoon is loved by fans not only in South Korea but also in other countries because of his great looks and skills in both singing and acting.

Rowoon Age

In 2023, Rowoon, whose date of birth (DOB) is August 7, 1996, is 27 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo, as he was born during the period of July 23 to August 22.

Rowoon Height & Weight

Rowoon is about 1.89 meters tall, which is about 189 centimeters. He weighs around 73 kilograms, which is roughly 160 pounds.

Rowoon Family

We don’t know much about Rowoon’s family. He might have siblings, but we don’t know their names or how many there are. We also don’t know the names of his parents or other family members. Many famous people like Rowoon like to keep their family lives private, so we may not find this information easily.

Is Rowoon Married?

In September 2023, Rowoon, the talented singer and actor from South Korea, is not married. Rowoon has many fans who love him, but he doesn’t talk much about his personal life, like whether he’s married or not. Currently, Rowoon doesn’t have a wife, and he’s not searching for one either.

Rowoon Net Worth 2023

In 2023, it’s said that Rowoon has about $5 million. This means he has a substantial net worth from his singing and acting jobs, as well as other things he invested in. But remember, the amount of money a famous person has can go up and down because they get money from different sources, like their work and businesses. So, while it’s estimated that Rowoon has $5 million in 2023, it might not be the same all the time.

Who Is Rowoon’s Girlfriend?

Right now, Rowoon doesn’t have a girlfriend, and we haven’t seen him going out with anyone. He’s putting all his attention into his job. Maybe he has a special someone, but if he’s keeping it a secret, we won’t know.

Rowoon Ethnicity and Religion

Rowoon is from South Korea, and he might not have a particular religion. In South Korea, people follow different religions like Buddhism and Christianity, but some also don’t have strong religious beliefs. Rowoon, like many famous people, doesn’t talk about his religion publicly. So, we don’t know for sure what his beliefs are.


Rowoon has done really well in music and acting. He became famous in a K-pop group called SF9 and had big songs like “Roar” and “Good Guy.” People like him because he’s not only good at singing but also acting. He acted in TV shows like “Extraordinary You,” and “She Would Never Know,” and people said he did a great job. We don’t know if he has a girlfriend or wife because he keeps that part of his life private. But one thing is clear, he works hard and people really like him for his talent and dedication. People are looking forward to seeing what he does next in his career.

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