Graeme Hart Wife- Find Out Who Took Away Hart’s Heart?

Graeme Hart Wife- Find Out Who Took Away Hart’s Heart?

Graeme Hart is a very wealthy person from New Zealand. He’s well-known for making a ton of money in the packaging business. He started by buying small companies and turned them into a big one called Reynolds Group Holdings, which is one of the world’s largest packaging companies. People think he’s really good at business because he’s skilled at buying companies that aren’t doing well and making them successful. He doesn’t like being famous, so he keeps his life private. He doesn’t talk much about giving money to charity, but he’s a big deal in New Zealand’s business world, and many people want to learn from him.

Graeme Hart Age

As of 2023, Graeme Hart’s age is 67 years old. His date of birth (DOB) is July 9, 1955. Graeme Hart’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

Who Is Graeme Hart’s Wife?

Who Is Graeme Hart's Wife?

Graeme Hart’s wife’s name is Robyn Hart. She’s a private person, just like Graeme. She doesn’t like being in the news or having people know a lot about her. So, we don’t have much information about her life and background.

Even though they keep their lives private, Graeme and Robyn do like to help others. They give money to charities and do good things for the community. But they don’t talk a lot about it, so we don’t know all the details of their charitable work. They seem to want to do good without needing lots of attention for it.

Family of Graeme and Robyn Hart: Insights into Their Children

Graeme and Robyn Hart have two kids, a boy named Harry Hart and a girl named Gretchen Hawkesby. But just like their mom and dad, Harry and Gretchen don’t like being famous. They keep their lives secret, and we don’t know much about them. The Harts want their privacy, and they don’t want the media to talk too much about their family. So, they live their lives quietly, away from the public attention.

Graeme Hart’s Luxury Yacht: All About His Fancy Boat

Graeme Hart had a super fancy boat named “Ulysses.” This boat was really big and had cool stuff like a place for helicopters, fancy bedrooms, and lots of fun things to do.

Graeme Hart’s Impressive Residence: A Luxurious House Overview

Graeme Hart has some fancy houses in different parts of the world, but one of his special homes is in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s a super cool mansion right by the water in a fancy place called Herne Bay. You can see the beautiful Waitematā Harbour from there. This mansion is very modern, and big, and has lots of nice stuff inside, showing that Graeme Hart has a lot of money. But just like he keeps his life private, we don’t know too much about what’s inside or all the fancy things it has.

Graeme Hart Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Graeme Hart has a substantial net worth, of about $12.8 billion dollars! He’s one of the richest people not just in New Zealand but in the whole world. He got all this money mainly from his packaging business. He’s really smart in business because he bought lots of packaging companies and made them into one huge company called Reynolds Group Holdings. This company became one of the biggest packaging companies in the world.

Graeme Hart Net Worth 2023

Graeme also put his capital into different things, not just packaging. But what’s interesting is, that even though he has so much money, he doesn’t like to show off. He stays away from the public and doesn’t go to big fancy parties. He also gives money to help others, but he doesn’t talk about it much. So, Graeme Hart’s money shows how good he is at business, but he likes to keep his life private.


Graeme Hart is a really rich guy from New Zealand. His wife, Robyn Hart, likes to keep her life private, so we don’t know much about her. They have a daughter named Gretchen Hawkesby. Graeme made most of his money from the packaging business, especially through a company called Reynolds Group Holdings. He’s good at buying companies that aren’t doing well and making them better. Even though he’s super-rich, Graeme and his family stay away from the public eye. They help charities, but they don’t talk much about it. In short, Graeme Hart is a super successful businessman, his family keeps things private, and they quietly help others.


Q: Who is Graeme Hart?

A: Graeme Hart is a wealthy New Zealand businessman known for his success in various industries, primarily the packaging sector. He is one of the richest individuals in New Zealand and globally.

Q: Who is Graeme Hart’s wife?

A: Graeme Hart’s wife is named Robyn Hart. She prefers to keep her personal life private and is not often in the public eye.

Q: How many children does Graeme Hart have?

A: Graeme Hart has two children, a son named Harry Hart and a daughter named Gretchen Hawkesby.

Q: What is Graeme Hart’s net worth in 2023?

A: As of 2023, Graeme Hart’s estimated net worth is $12.8 billion USD.

Q: Does Graeme Hart own a private yacht?

A: Yes, Graeme Hart has owned a luxury superyacht named “Ulysses,” although ownership details can change over time.

Q: How old is Graeme Hart in 2023?

A: In 2023, Graeme Hart is 68 years old.

Q: Which country is Graeme Hart from?

A: Graeme Hart is from New Zealand and is a prominent figure in the business community there.

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