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Miguel Almirón Family: Meet the Soccer Star’s Wife and Kids

Today, we will find out if Miguel Almirón got engaged or married secretly and learn about his net worth in 2023. We’ll discover important things about Almirón’s life.

Miguel Almirón Family: Meet the Soccer Star's Wife and Kids

Who Is Miguel Almirón : Miguel Almirón is a professional soccer player from Paraguay. He’s known for being really good at soccer and being able to play in different positions on the field. He was born on February 10, 1994, in Asunción, Paraguay, and started his soccer career at Club Cerro Porteño in his hometown. He was so good that people who watch and pick soccer players noticed him, and he moved to an Argentine team called Lanús in 2015.

While he was at Lanús, Miguel Almirón helped them win the championship in 2016 in Argentina. Because of his great playing, he got a chance to play in the English Premier League for Newcastle United in 2017. People who liked Newcastle really liked him because he worked hard, was creative, and did cool things in the middle part of the field. He was a big help in keeping the team in the Premier League.

Besides doing well for his club teams, Miguel Almirón is also important for the Paraguayan national soccer team. He plays for his country in international games. He’s really good at doing special soccer moves and setting up goals for his teammates. People all around the world know him as a famous soccer player who represents Paraguay.

Miguel Almirón Age

As of 2023, Miguel Almirón’s age is 29 years old. His date of birth (DOB) is February 10, 1994. Miguel Almirón’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Miguel Almirón Height & Weight

Miguel Almirón is about 175 centimeters tall, which is around 5 feet 9 inches. He weighs around 70 kilograms, which is about 154 pounds. These numbers help him play soccer really well, both for his team and his country.

Miguel Almirón Family

When Miguel Almirón was a kid, he lived in a place called the San Pablo neighborhood in Asunción. His family didn’t have a lot of money, and things were tough. His dad, Ruben, worked really long hours as a security guard, sometimes 18 hours in a row, and his mom, Sonia, had a job at a nearby supermarket. Even with these challenges, young Miguel loved playing soccer right from when he was very little.

When he was just seven years old, Miguel started playing soccer with a team called Club 3 de Noviembre. He was super excited and worked really hard. But as he tried out for different teams, his coaches said he was “too frail” to become a professional soccer player because he was maybe not strong enough.

Is Miguel Almirón Engaged or Married?

Is Miguel Almirón Engaged or Married?

Miguel Almirón is married to Alexia Notto, and they have a son together, born in 2021. They got married in 2016, and their marriage has been very successful. Miguel Almirón is not single, he has been happily married to Notto for several years. He loves his wife very much, which is why he keeps her away from the glamour and spotlight.

Miguel Almirón Career

Miguel Almirón plays soccer for Newcastle United in England. He’s also really good at playing for his home country, Paraguay. He started playing internationally when he was just 17 years old in the Under-17 team and scored 7 goals in 10 games. Then, he moved up to the Under-20 team from 2012 to 2013, where he played 16 times and scored 2 goals. Since 2015, he’s been playing for the senior Paraguayan national team and has played 51 games, scoring 7 goals. He loves representing his country in soccer.

For his club, Newcastle United, he works really hard in the English Premier League, which is a top-level soccer competition. He’s known for being really good at soccer, especially in the midfield. Miguel Almirón is a big deal in soccer, both in his country and internationally.

Miguel Almirón Injury

In a soccer match on April 20 against Southampton, Miguel Almirón got hurt. He hurt his hamstring because another player named Oriol Romeu tackled him. This was a big problem because it meant he couldn’t play for the rest of the season. His team, Newcastle United, really missed him because he was so important in the middle part of the field.

Miguel Almirón Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Miguel Almirón has about $10 million in net worth. He got this money from playing soccer, especially with teams like Newcastle United, and from companies who pay him to promote their stuff. He’s really good at soccer, especially in England’s Premier League, and that makes him worth more.

Miguel Almirón Ethnicity & Religion

Miguel Almirón is from Paraguay, and he’s Paraguayan. He’s a Christian, and he has two special religious sayings tattooed on his arms. These tattoos show that he believes in God and his religion is important to him. We may not know exactly what the tattoos say, but they are a way for him to show his love for his Christian faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the name of Miguel Almirón’s wife?

A: Miguel Almirón is married to his long-time partner, Alexia Notto.

2: What is the name of Miguel Almirón’s fiancée, and how old is she?

A: Miguel Almirón is married to Alexia Notto, but we don’t have specific information about her age.

3: What is Miguel Almirón’s net worth and salary in 2023?

In 2023, Miguel Almirón’s estimated net worth is around $10 million. His salary can vary depending on his club contract and endorsements.

4: How old is Miguel Almirón in 2023, and what is his height?

A: As of 2023, Miguel Almirón is around 29 years old, and his height is approximately 175 centimeters or 5 feet 9 inches.

5: Is Miguel Almirón’s wife pregnant?

A: There is no publicly available information indicating that Miguel Almirón’s wife, Alexia Notto, is pregnant.

6: Does Miguel Almirón have a son, and what is his name?

A: Yes, Miguel Almirón has a son, And Almirón’s son’s name is Francesco.

7: Is Miguel Almirón married?

A: Yes, Miguel Almirón is married to Alexia Notto.

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