Harry Maguire Wife 2023: Current Relationship And Dating Life Of Famous Footballer| Who Is Fern Hawkins?


In today’s article, we will learn about who Harry Maguire is, his wife’s name, whether they have children, and what his net worth is in 2023. We will also delve into why he became famous on the internet due to a meme. Let’s dive in and explore these details.

Harry Maguire Wife 2023: Current Relationship And Dating Life Of Famous Footballer| Who Is Fern Hawkins?

Harry Maguire is an English professional footballer renowned for his robust defensive abilities and leadership qualities on the field. He was born on March 5, 1993, in Sheffield, England, and embarked on his football career at a tender age, swiftly ascending the ranks to establish himself as one of the sport’s prominent defenders.

Maguire’s professional journey encompasses spells with clubs such as Sheffield United, Hull City, and his current club, Manchester United. In 2019, he completed a groundbreaking transfer to Manchester United, becoming the world’s most expensive defender at that time. His performances at Manchester United have garnered him recognition as one of the club’s pivotal players and secured him the captain’s armband for both his club and the English national team.

Beyond the football pitch, Maguire is also distinguished for his philanthropic endeavors and active participation in charitable causes. He has harnessed his influence as a footballer to lend support to various initiatives aimed at assisting disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Harry Maguire Age

As of 2023, Harry Maguire would be 30 years old. His date of birth is March 5, 1993. This would make his zodiac sign Pisces.

Harry Maguire Height & Weight

Harry Maguire stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches, which is approximately 194 centimeters. He maintains a weight of 81 kilograms, which is equivalent to around 178 pounds.

Harry Maguire’s Journey in Senior and International Football

Throughout his senior football career, Harry Maguire has consistently displayed his defensive prowess and adaptability while playing for several prominent clubs. His professional journey began at Sheffield United, where he honed his skills from 2011 to 2014, making an impressive 134 appearances and scoring 9 goals for the team.

Following his time with Sheffield United, he made a move to Hull City, where he played from 2014 to 2017, featuring in 54 matches and contributing 2 goals. Additionally, Maguire briefly joined Wigan Athletic on loan in 2015, making 16 appearances and scoring 1 goal during his temporary spell. A significant turning point in his career occurred when he signed with Leicester City from 2017 to 2019, accumulating 69 appearances and netting 5 goals. His revolution reached new heights when he completed a high-profile transfer to Manchester United in 2019, where he has since become an indispensable part of their defense, amassing 121 appearances and notching 4 goals.

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On the international stage, Maguire has proudly represented England since 2017. He made his senior debut for the national team in that same year and has consistently showcased his defensive abilities on the international stage as well. His journey from Sheffield United to Manchester United serves as a testament to his remarkable development and success in professional football. It has earned him a cherished place not only in his club’s history but also in the hearts of English football enthusiasts.

Is Harry Maguire Engaged or Married?

Harry Maguire is married, and his wife’s name is Fern Hawkins. They were in a relationship for seven years before making the official decision to tie the knot in June 2022.

Do Harry Maguire and His Wife Fern Hawkins Have Children?

Do Harry Maguire and His Wife Fern Hawkins Have Children?

Harry Maguire and his wife Fern Hawkins became parents for the first time in April 2019 when they were officially in a relationship but had not yet tied the knot. They welcomed a baby daughter. In 2020, Maguire and Hawkins became parents for the second time, again without being married at the time.

People on social media are also discussing that Harry Maguire’s wife, Fern Hawkins, might be going through her third pregnancy, but this information is not officially confirmed yet.

Are Harry Maguire’s Brothers Involved in Football?

Harry Maguire hails from a football-loving family, with his brothers, Joe and Laurence, actively engaged in the sport. Joe Maguire and Laurence Maguire have both chosen football as their career path, underscoring the family’s profound enthusiasm for the game. His sisters’ professions or occupations have not been publicly disclosed by Harry Maguire.

Harry Maguire Meme

During the UEFA European Championship in 2021, Harry Maguire found himself at the center of a popular meme. This meme was created from a photograph capturing Maguire’s intense and determined facial expression, which quickly went viral on social media. In the image, Maguire appeared to be shouting or passionately expressing something.

Fans and internet users quickly embraced this image, transforming it into a meme that often featured humorous or relatable captions. Throughout the tournament, this meme gained immense popularity and was widely employed to convey a range of emotions and reactions, spanning from excitement and frustration to unbridled enthusiasm.

The Harry Maguire meme not only highlighted his prowess on the football field but also inadvertently turned him into a symbol of intense emotions and fervor. This phenomenon underscores the influence of internet culture and how a single captured moment can captivate the imaginations of millions.

Harry Maguire Ethnicity & Religion

Harry Maguire is of white British ethnicity, recalling his English heritage. In terms of religion, he has not publicly announced his religious beliefs, and as with many athletes, his personal religious affiliations remain private.

Harry Maguire Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Harry Maguire has a substantial net worth, of around £20 million. He got most of this money from his football contracts, especially when he joined Manchester United in 2019, which made him very rich. He also makes extra money from deals where he promotes products for different companies. Playing for the England national team also helps him make more money.

Besides football, he might have other investments or businesses that make his money grow. So, he’s not just a good football player, he’s also good at making money outside of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Who is Harry Maguire?

Harry Maguire is an English professional footballer known for his defensive skills and leadership on the field. He was born on March 5, 1993, in Sheffield, England.

2: What is Harry Maguire’s age in 2023 and his date of birth (DOB)?

As of 2023, Harry Maguire is 30 years old, and his date of birth is March 5, 1993.

3: Is Harry Maguire married?

Yes, Harry Maguire is married.

4: What is Harry Maguire’s wife’s name and age?

Harry Maguire’s wife’s name is Fern Hawkins. We don’t currently have information about Harry Maguire’s wife’s age, but as soon as we have that information, we will update it here.

5: Does Harry Maguire have children with his wife?

Yes, Harry Maguire and his wife, Fern Hawkins, have children together. He has 2 daughters.

6: What is Harry Maguire’s net worth in 2023?

Harry Maguire’s estimated net worth in 2023 is around £20 million.

7: How tall is Harry Maguire?

Harry Maguire is approximately 6 feet 4 inches tall, which is about 194 centimeters.

8: What is Harry Maguire’s ethnicity?

Harry Maguire is of white British ethnicity, reflecting his English heritage.

9: Tell me more about the Harry Maguire meme.

The Harry Maguire meme became popular during the UEFA European Championship in 2021 when a photograph of him with an intense and determined facial expression went viral on social media. It was often used with humorous or relatable captions to express a range of emotions.

10: Did Harry Maguire wear a wedding dress?

No, Harry Maguire did not wear a wedding dress. He got married to his wife, Fern Hawkins, in traditional wedding attire, not a wedding dress.

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