Eddie Jones’ Family: Meet Wife Hiroko Jones and Daughter Chelsea Jones


In this article, we will explore who Eddie Jones’ wife is and her name. We will also find out if Eddie Jones’ daughter has a connection to the world of rugby and her name. Let’s delve into the details.

Eddie Jones' Family: Meet Wife Hiroko Jones and Daughter Chelsea Jones

Who Is Eddie Jones: Jones is a prominent figure in the world of rugby, known for his coaching prowess and significant contributions to the sport. Behind this successful coach stands a strong and supportive family, which includes his wife, Hiroko Jones, and their daughter, Chelsea Jones. In this article, we will delve into the lives of Hiroko and Chelsea, exploring their backgrounds, their roles in Eddie Jones’s life, and their own contributions to the rugby world.

Meet Eddie Jones: The Rugby Maestro

Before we delve into Eddie Jones’ family, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the man at the center of it all. Eddie Jones is a prominent figure in the world of rugby, boasting a successful career both as a coach and a former player. He has held esteemed coaching roles, serving as the head coach for both the England and Australia national rugby teams, leaving an unforgettable mark on the sport.

Hiroko Jones: The Woman Behind the Coach

Hiroko Jones: The Woman Behind the Coach

Hiroko Jones is not just Eddie Jones’ wife, she is the steadfast presence behind the accomplished rugby coach. Hailing from Japan, she plays a pivotal role in supporting and grounding her husband in the world of rugby. Her cultural heritage and their initial encounter underscore the depth of their relationship, making her a cornerstone in his life and coaching career.

The Love Story: How Eddie and Hiroko Met

Eddie and Hiroko’s love story unfolds in the halls of the International Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. Eddie, an expert in geography, and Hiroko teaching Japanese, had their initial encounter marked by an immediate connection. Their shared interests and cultural backgrounds brought them together, laying the cornerstone for an endless and profound relationship.

A Cultural Fusion: Eddie’s Multicultural Heritage

Eddie Jones’s legacy is a captivating blend of cultures. Born to an Australian father and a Japanese-American mother, he embodies a multicultural background. This unique heritage has greatly influenced his life and coaching philosophy, adding depth to his approach to rugby.

Chelsea Jones: The Daughter of Rugby Royalty

Chelsea Jones, the daughter of Eddie and Hiroko Jones, has inherited a rich legacy in the world of rugby. Growing up in a bilingual environment, she is fluent in two languages, reflecting her diverse background. Chelsea’s journey in rugby began as a player and evolved into various pivotal roles, making her a prominent figure in the sport. With three-quarters of her ancestry being Japanese, her multicultural identity further enriches her involvement in rugby.

Chelsea’s Early Involvement in Rugby

Chelsea's Early Involvement in Rugby

Chelsea’s early involvement in rugby was marked by active participation as a player. She embraced the sport at a young age, displaying her passion and dedication. Her experiences on the field laid the foundation for her future contributions to the rugby world, allowing her to develop a deep understanding of the game from both a player’s and an administrator’s perspective.

Rising Through the Ranks: Chelsea’s Rugby Career

Chelsea Jones’ journey in the world of rugby is marked by a remarkable ascent. Her professional involvement began in Japan, where she served as a liaison officer for the Japan Rugby Football Union. Over the years, Chelsea held pivotal positions within various rugby clubs, including the Melbourne Rebels, Queensland Reds, and ACT Brumbies. Her roles encompassed team management, logistics, and operations management, making her a central figure in ensuring the seamless functioning of rugby teams.

Chelsea’s Role in the Wallabies

Chelsea’s contribution to rugby extended to the Australian national team, the Wallabies, in 2018. She assumed the role of Wallabies Team Manager for Logistics and Operations, a position of critical importance in the team’s success. In this capacity, Chelsea closely collaborated with notable figures like Michael Cheika, who had previously worked as an assistant coach under her father, Eddie Jones. Her role was instrumental in ensuring that the team’s logistics and operations ran smoothly.

A Supportive Daughter and Professional

Chelsea Jones is not only a dedicated professional but also a steadfast supporter of her father, Eddie Jones, and his coaching career. She frequently accompanies him to games, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to his success in the rugby world. Her dual role as a rugby professional and a supportive daughter showcases her passion for the sport and her role in upholding her father’s legacy.

The Inspirational Family Behind Eddie Jones

In the world of competitive sports, having a supportive family is invaluable, and the Jones family is no exception. Hiroko and Chelsea Jones are more than just family members, they are pillars of inspiration and strength in Eddie Jones’ life and coaching legacy. Their multicultural backgrounds, unwavering support, and active contributions to the rugby world have made them integral to Eddie’s journey.


the story of Eddie Jones, his wife Hiroko, and their daughter Chelsea is a witness to the strength of family support in the world of rugby. While their family ties run deep, the individual achievements and contributions of Hiroko and Chelsea have left an unforgettable mark on the sport. This family demonstrates the power of passion and dedication in rugby, inspiring not only each other but also the wider rugby community.

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