Richard Roundtree’s Wife: Meet Karen M. Ciernia + His Divorce

Richard Roundtree’s Wife: Meet Karen M. Ciernia + His Divorce

Richard Roundtree, born on July 9, 1942, was an acclaimed American actor renowned as “the pioneering African American action hero.” He earned fame through his iconic portrayal of the private detective character John Shaft in the 1971 classic “Shaft” and its subsequent four sequels, released between 1972 and 2019. His outstanding performance in the original movie earned him a nomination for the 1972 Golden Globe Award in the category of New Star of the Year – Actor. On October 24, 2023, Roundtree passed away at the age of 81, succumbing to pancreatic cancer at his residence in Los Angeles.

Who Is Richard Roundtree’s Wife?

Richard Roundtree’s first wife is named Mary Jane Grant. He married Mary Jane Grant on November 27, 1963. However, regrettably, it must be stated that in December 1973, they divorced, parting ways.

During their 10-year marriage, Richard Roundtree and his first wife, Mary Jane Grant, became parents to two children.

Richard Roundtree’s Second Wife and Children

Richard Roundtree’s second wife is named Karen M. Ciernia, and they got married in September 1980. Unfortunately, this marriage also didn’t stand the test of time, and 18 years later, Richard Roundtree and his second wife, Karen M. Ciernia, decided to part ways through a divorce.

During their 18-year marriage, Richard Roundtree and his second wife, Karen M. Ciernia, became parents to two children.

Has Richard Roundtree Ever Dated A Girlfriend In The Past?

In December 1973, when Richard Roundtree divorced his first wife, Mary Jane Grant, he soon began dating Cathy Lee Crosby and made her his girlfriend, but he didn’t officially marry or get engaged to her. Cathy Lee Crosby is a well-known actress and TV personality. After a dispute with Cathy Lee Crosby a short while later, Richard Roundtree went his separate way, ultimately marrying Karen M. Ciernia as his second wife.

Education and Alma Mater of Richard Roundtree

Richard Roundtree attended New Rochelle High School for his early education. He later pursued his higher education at Southern Illinois University, which served as his alma mater, providing the foundation for his academic and professional journey.

Outstanding Achievements of Richard Roundtree

Richard Roundtree is celebrated for his iconic portrayal of John Shaft, a private investigator, in a series of films. His most notable work includes the groundbreaking 1971 film “Shaft,” which established him as “the first black action hero.” This role led to several sequels, including “Shaft’s Big Score!” (1972) and “Shaft in Africa” (1973).

These films not only showcased Roundtree’s acting prowess but also contributed significantly to the blaxploitation genre, providing a lasting impact on the portrayal of black characters in cinema.

Richard Roundtree’s Battle With Breast Cancer

Richard Roundtree's Battle with Breast Cancer

In 1993, Richard Roundtree faced a substantial health challenge when he was diagnosed with breast cancer. To combat the disease, he underwent a double mastectomy and endured the rigors of chemotherapy. His public disclosure of his battle with breast cancer was a brave and pioneering move, as it raised awareness about the fact that breast cancer can affect men as well, a topic that was often overlooked at the time.

A Decade of Richard Roundtree: Recent Movies and TV Shows

Let’s take a look at the movies and TV shows Richard Roundtree has been involved in over the past ten years and see where he has been making his mark.

TV Shows

YearTV ShowRoleNotable Episodes
2012Private PracticeRaymond McCray“The Next Episode”
2013–2019Being Mary JanePaul Patterson Sr.Recurring Role (33 episodes)
2015Chicago FireWallace Boden Sr.Recurring Role (4 episodes)
2017–2018StarCharles FloydRecurring Role (5 episodes)
2019Family ReunionGrandpaRecurring Role (14 episodes)
2022Cherish the DayMandeville “MV” St. JamesMain Role (Season 2)

Movie Shows

2012The Trial of Ben BarryBen Barry
2012This Bitter EarthGrady
2014Whatever She WantsTheodore Wolf
2015CollarReverend Alonzo Sparks
2019What Men WantSkip
2019ShaftJohn Shaft I
2020Haunting of the Mary CelesteTulls
2022Moving OnRalph

Richard Roundtree’s Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, American actor and former model Richard Roundtree’s net worth stands at $2 million. His successful career in the entertainment industry has contributed to his financial success, and he continues to be a notable figure in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Richard Roundtree’s wife?

Richard Roundtree’s first wife was Mary Jane Grant, but he later married Karen M. Ciernia as his second wife.

2. How many children does Richard Roundtree have with his first wife?

Richard Roundtree and Mary Jane Grant, his first wife, have two children together.

3. Did Richard Roundtree’s first marriage end in divorce?

Yes, Richard Roundtree’s first marriage to Mary Jane Grant ended in divorce in December 1973.

4. Is Richard Roundtree currently married?

As of 2023, Richard Roundtree was not married. Prior to his passing, he had divorced both of his wives.

5. What is Richard Roundtree’s notable work as an actor?

Richard Roundtree is best known for his iconic role as John Shaft in the “Shaft” film series.

6. Did Richard Roundtree battle breast cancer?

Yes, in 1993, Richard Roundtree was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

7. What is Richard Roundtree’s net worth?

As of 2023, Richard Roundtree’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

8. Has Richard Roundtree been active in recent TV shows?

Yes, he has appeared in TV shows like “Being Mary Jane,” “Chicago Fire,” “Star,” and “Family Reunion” in recent years.

9. What are some of Richard Roundtree’s recent movie roles?

In the past decade, Richard Roundtree has been in films such as “What Men Want,” “Shaft,” “Haunting of the Mary Celeste,” and “Moving On.”

10. What post-production project is Richard Roundtree currently involved in?

Richard Roundtree has an upcoming post-production film titled “Thelma.”

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