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Ahmad Shah’s Sister Passed Away

Ahmad Shah is one of the most beautiful child stars in Pakistan who has been working on TV for many years. People love this kid and also follow him on his Instagram account. Despite being a small child, Ahmad Shah’s cute videos made him a viral child star overnight, and he is also included in the list of cute Pathan children of Pakistan.

Ahmad Shah's Sister Passed Away

Ahmad Shah belongs to a village in Punjab and lives there with his parents. In addition to Ahmad Shah, he has two elder brothers and one younger sister. Those who follow the Ramadan transmission on the TV channel every year must have seen Ahmad Shah and his brother on ARY Digital’s Ramadan broadcast, “Shaan Ramzan,” which is a must-watch for the kids’ segment. Ahmad Shah has found a place in the hearts of people with his adorable words and charming style.

Despite being very young, Ahmad Shah’s uncle is responsible for bringing him to Karachi, where he currently resides. His father stays in Punjab due to his business commitments. After gaining immense popularity on the TV screen, Ahmad Shah was given the title of Daac Sahab, and people know him by this name. However, Ahmad is now less visible on TV and is currently focusing on his studies. That’s why people are following him in large numbers on his Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook accounts.

Ahmad Shah's Sister Passed Away

In this article, unfortunately, we learn of the sad news that Ahmad Shah’s younger sister, Ayesha, has passed away and is no longer in this world. Ayesha was in the hospital due to a severe illness for the past few days. This news has been shared by Ahmad Shah’s official account. It is not yet known what disease Ayesha was suffering from, but Ahmad Shah has requested all of you to pray for the forgiveness of his sister.

If you also want to read the post in which Ahmad Shah confirmed the news of his sister’s death, then read below.

Ahmad Shah's Sister Passed Away

We pray that Allah grants Ahmad Shah’s sister, Aisha, a high place in Jannat al-Firdous and gives patience to her family. Ameen.

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