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Yung Berg’s Parents: Are They Alive?

Meet Christian Ward, widely recognized as Yung Berg or Hitmaka, a powerful name in American hip-hop and R&B since the mid-2000s. He rose to fame with his first song, ‘Sexy Lady,’ not only showcasing his skills as a rapper but also revealing his talents in songwriting and producing. Despite a career marked by successes, controversies, and legal hurdles, Yung Berg has chosen to keep his personal life, especially details about his parents, a secret. This article aims to demystify the unknown aspects of Yung Berg’s family, providing insights into his upbringing and the mesmerizing details of his parents.

Yung Berg’s Parents: Are They Alive?

Yung Berg: A Glimpse into His Early Life

Yung Berg, born on September 9, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, had a head start in the music world thanks to his privileged upbringing. In a podcast conversation, he openly shared that his parents were millionaires before he even embarked on his rap career. This set his beginning apart from many other rappers who often rise from challenging circumstances in a genre known for stories of overcoming hardship.

Yung Berg’s Rise to Fame

Yung Berg made his mark in the music world during the mid-2000s when he first stepped onto the stage. His very first track, “Sexy Lady,” hit the airwaves in 2007, launching him into the spotlight. The success of this song didn’t just make Yung Berg a recognized artist, it also highlighted his ability to shine both on stage and behind the scenes as a creative force.

Yung Berg: Beyond the Mic – Collaborations and Contributions

Yung Berg, beyond his individual success, has left a lasting impact on the music industry through collaborations with big names like Ray J and Lil Wayne. These partnerships showcase his ability to connect and create with other artists, expanding his influence beyond his solo endeavors.

Yung Berg’s talents reach far beyond performing. In addition to his skills as a rapper, he has made substantial contributions as a songwriter and producer. This versatility adds layers to his influence, making him a multifaceted presence that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of hip-hop and R&B.

Inside Yung Berg’s Family: Examining His Parents More Closely

Yung Berg, despite his public image, has kept his family life out of the spotlight. Recently, a video went viral in which he shared a surprising detail about his upbringing – that he never had McDonald’s chicken nuggets as a child, despite coming from a wealthy background.

While Yung Berg hasn’t officially revealed the names of his parents, there is a general belief that his mother is Phyllis Ward, born on March 5, 1936, and his father is suspected to be Gene Arthur Ward, born on October 11, 1931. Both individuals had successful careers with educational achievements and strong connections within their communities. The details of Yung Berg’s family remain mesmerizing, adding an extra layer of curiosity to the rapper’s personal narrative.

Inside Yung Berg’s Family: Unveiling Phyllis Ward and Arthur

Phyllis Ward, born in Marshall, was a Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority member with a focus on business education. On August 20, 1955, she married Gene Arthur Ward, whose background includes attending Eastern Illinois College in Charleston, where he excelled in football and baseball. Speculations about them being Yung Berg’s parents gained traction when their obituary mentioned a son named Christain Ward, the given name of the rapper.

Yung Berg’s Special Journey in Rap

Yung Berg's Special Journey in Rap

Yung Berg has a one-of-a-kind story in the world of rap. Even though he grew up with a lot of advantages, he decided to take a route usually linked with challenges and tough times. In simple terms, he expressed a desire to be in the streets to follow his dream of becoming a rapper. This mix of having privileges yet choosing a challenging path highlights the complicated nature of Yung Berg’s journey and adds depth to his identity as an artist.


Yung Berg, also known as Hitmaka, is a bit of a puzzle in the music world. His achievements, controversies, and the secrets about his family make him even more interesting. Even though some information about his parents has come out, Yung Berg keeps a lot of his personal life private, making people wonder and want to know more. As Yung Berg’s music journey keeps going, the interest in the person behind the songs grows, encouraging fans to explore deeper into his life and what he leaves behind in the music world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Yung Berg, and how did he get into the music industry?

Yung Berg, also known as Hitmaka, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He entered the music industry in the mid-2000s and gained fame with his debut single, “Sexy Lady.”

2. What sets Yung Berg’s music journey apart from other artists in the industry?

Yung Berg’s unique narrative lies in his privileged background, contrasting with the struggles often associated with the rap genre. Despite coming from a wealthy family, he chose a path in the streets to pursue a career in rap.

3. Can you share some of Yung Berg’s notable collaborations in the music industry?

Yung Berg has collaborated with renowned artists such as Ray J, Lil Wayne, and others, showcasing his versatility as both a performer and a behind-the-scenes contributor.

4. Are there any controversies associated with Yung Berg’s career?

Yes, Yung Berg has faced controversies and legal issues throughout his career, adding layers to his journey in the music industry.

5. What is the mystery surrounding Yung Berg’s family?

Yung Berg has kept details about his family private, although there are speculations about his parents. His recent mention of not having McDonald’s chicken nuggets despite having affluent parents has sparked curiosity.

6. Who is believed to be Yung Berg’s mother, and what is known about her?

Yung Berg’s mother is believed to be Phyllis Ward, born on March 5, 1936. She was an accomplished individual with an educational background and active community involvement.

7. Is there information about Yung Berg’s father and his background?

Yung Berg’s father is suspected to be Gene Arthur Ward, born on October 11, 1931. He had a successful background, including achievements in football and baseball.

8. Does Yung Berg have a wife, and if so, who is she?

Yung Berg’s marital status is not publicly revealed, and there is no confirmed information about a wife as of now.

9. What is Yung Berg’s age in the year 2023, and what is his date of birth?

As of 2023, Yung Berg is 38. He was born on September 9, 1985.

10. How does Yung Berg maintain privacy about his personal life amid public attention?

Yung Berg has consistently kept details about his personal life, especially his family, private. His recent viral video and selective sharing contribute to the mystery surrounding his personal life.

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