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Lisa Boothe Husband: Is She Married To John Bourbonia Cummins?

Lisa Boothe Husband: Is She Married To John Bourbonia Cummins?

Lisa Boothe, the well-known journalist from Fox News, has impressed everyone with her smart and professional approach for a whole year. She was born on February 3, 1985, in Clifton, West Virginia, and has built an impressive career in both journalism and politics. This article will take a closer look at her life journey, family, husband, career, and personal life to discover what makes Lisa Boothe such an interesting and remarkable person.

Lisa Boothe’s Early Years: Growing Up and Being Influenced

Lisa is the only girl in a family of four, and she grew up in Washington, DC. Her dad, Jeffrey Ferris, used to work in politics at Capitol Hill. Lisa has three brothers – Ryan Jeffrey, Michael Robert, and James Christopher. When she was a kid, Lisa loved playing sports, especially hockey and lacrosse. But, things took a turn when she hurt her knee, an ACL injury, which changed her plans from wanting to be a professional athlete.

Lisa Boothe’s Educational Pursuits: Academic Journey

After finishing high school, Lisa went to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for college. In 2007, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government, which paved the way for what she would do next.

Lisa Boothe: Career Beginnings

In January 2008, Lisa Boothe started working as a staff assistant at the United States House of Representatives. As the years went by, she took on important roles in political campaigns and communication jobs, showing how smart and dedicated she is. One notable job was being the communications director for different campaigns, where she proved her strategic skills.

Lisa Boothe: High Noon Strategies and The Truth

Besides working at Fox News Channel, Lisa also created a company called High Noon Strategies, where she helps with public affairs and communication. Also, she hosts a podcast called “The Truth with Lisa Boothe,” where she talks about different topics and interviews interesting people, giving the audience useful information and thoughts.

Lisa Boothe: Personal Life, Marital Status, and Family Plans

People admire Lisa Boothe not just for her work but also wonder about her personal life. Lisa lives in Miami, Florida, with her dog Bella, and she has been in a relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins since 2017. We don’t know much about John’s job or how old he is at the moment.

Lisa Boothe: Personal Life, Marital Status, and Family Plans

Despite what people might think, Lisa Boothe is not married. But, her dedication to her relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins shows that her personal life is stable. Right now, Lisa and John don’t have any children. They are putting their focus on Lisa’s career and other things they are working on together.

Lisa Boothe Net Worth 2023

Lisa Boothe has achieved a lot more than just being a journalist. She’s really successful, and people estimate that she’s worth $10 million. She earned this recognition and money through her many different jobs. Lisa has been a political commentator, a strategist, and even started her own business. Her success comes from doing many different things in her career.


As Lisa Boothe marks one year of doing great things, her story shows how dedicated, smart, and able to do many things she is. Lisa first wanted to be a professional hockey player when she was young, and now she’s a well-known journalist. Her journey inspires a lot of people. Lisa has a successful career, a supportive relationship, and a podcast that a lot of people like. All of this makes Lisa Boothe an important and respected person in American media and politics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lisa Boothe married?

No, Lisa Boothe is not married, but she has been in a relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins since 2017.

2. Who is Lisa Boothe’s husband?

Lisa Boothe is currently not married, however, she is in a relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins.

3. What is Lisa Boothe’s net worth?

Lisa Boothe’s estimated net worth is $10 million, earned through her successful career in journalism, politics, and entrepreneurship.

4. Where does Lisa Boothe work at Fox News?

Lisa Boothe is a prominent journalist and political commentator at Fox News Channel.

5. Is Lisa Boothe married?

No, Lisa Boothe is not married as of now.

6. How old is Lisa Boothe in 2023?

Lisa Boothe was born on February 3, 1985, making her 38 years old as of 2023.

7. What is Lisa Boothe’s date of birth (DOB)?

Lisa Boothe was born on February 3, 1985.

8. Who are Lisa Boothe’s parents?

Lisa Boothe’s father is Jeffrey Ferris, and her mother is Dianne Marie.

9. What is Lisa Boothe’s religion?

Lisa Boothe’s religion is Christianity.

10. How would you describe Lisa Boothe’s relationship status?

Lisa Boothe is currently in a committed relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins.

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