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James Somerton Wikipedia: Why Is Canadian Youtuber Trending?

James Somerton is a YouTuber from Canada who talks about movies, books, and comics. He’s got more than 330,000 people following him on his YouTube channel. People like him because he talks about different things in pop culture, especially focusing on the history and characters of queer people in movies, books, and comics.

James Somerton Wikipedia: Why Is Canadian Youtuber Trending?

James Somerton’s YouTube Career and Notable Content

James Somerton started making videos on YouTube in November 2013, and at first, he talked a lot about ideas and thoughts related to Marvel Comics. As time went on, he started talking about all kinds of different things in pop culture on his channel. One of his videos called ‘Killing Stalking and the Romanticizing of Abuse,’ got more than 1.7 million views. People like the way he talks about things and how he shares information, which has made him well-known in the world of making content online.

Somerton’s Plagiarism Controversy: Hbomberguy’s Accusations

On December 2, 2023, Hbomberguy put out a long video that lasted almost four hours. In the video, he talked about a bunch of influencers, and one of them was James Somerton. Hbomberguy said some heavy stuff, accusing James of not being original and honest in his content. Because of this video, a lot of people who like James got upset. Now, James Somerton’s job as a YouTuber is in trouble, and many are wondering if what he makes is real or not.

James Somerton's Response and Online Exit

James Somerton’s Response and Online Exit

When people said James Somerton copied things from others, he said sorry on his Patreon, where he shares extra stuff with his fans. He felt really bad and admitted that his fans might not trust him anymore. But, lots of people didn’t like what he said in the sorry message, so he took it down. He also closed his Discord and Twitter accounts. Now, some people think he’s trying to hide from taking responsibility for what happened and trying to control what people think about him.

James Somerton’s Fallout: Fan Reactions

After people found out about James Somerton copying things, a lot of them stopped following him on YouTube. This shows that his job might be in trouble. Fans are not happy and are saying things in the comments, not just about copying but also about how James talks about the queer community, even though he’s a part of it. This whole situation is making people talk more about how important it is for people who make content online, to be honest and responsible.

James Somerton’s Uncertain Future: Community Responses

James Somerton is going through a tough time because of the accusations of copying. Now, it’s not clear if he will keep making videos on YouTube. He closed his Patreon, Discord, and Twitter accounts, and people are talking a lot about why he did that and if he can get past all this trouble. Some groups are not interested in what he makes anymore, while others are trying to help creators who had their work copied. This whole situation makes us think about what it means for James Somerton’s job and for people who make things online in general.


The problem with James Somerton copying things is making everything dark for his job. People are talking a lot about being clear, taking responsibility, and what it means to make things online. The people on the internet are trying to understand what will happen next for James Somerton. This whole situation might change how people make and see things online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is James Somerton’s YouTube channel about?

James Somerton’s YouTube channel covers various aspects of pop culture, including discussions on films, books, and comics, with a notable focus on queer history and characters.

2. When did James Somerton start his YouTube journey?

James began his YouTube journey in November 2013, mainly focusing on theories related to Marvel Comics.

3. What is the most viewed video on James Somerton’s channel?

One of his most viewed videos is “Killing Stalking and the Romanticizing of Abuse,” with over 1.7 million views.

4. How many subscribers does James Somerton have on YouTube?

James Somerton has over 330,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

5. What is the controversy surrounding James Somerton and plagiarism?

James Somerton faced allegations of plagiarism, particularly highlighted in a video by Hbomberguy on December 2, 2023.

6. How did James Somerton respond to the plagiarism accusations?

In response, James Somerton posted an apology on his Patreon, expressing remorse. However, the post received a negative response, leading to its deletion.

7. Why did James Somerton deactivate his Discord and Twitter accounts?

James deactivated these accounts following the controversy, sparking speculation about his intentions and accountability.

8. What is the impact of the plagiarism controversy on James Somerton’s career?

The controversy has led to a significant decline in James Somerton’s YouTube subscribers, creating uncertainty about his future as a content creator.

9. How are fans reacting to James Somerton’s situation?

Fans have expressed disappointment, not only regarding the plagiarism allegations but also criticizing James’s perspectives on the queer community, leading to broader discussions.

10. What is the current status of James Somerton’s online presence?

James Somerton’s online exit includes the closure of his Patreon, Discord, and Twitter accounts, raising questions about his intentions and recovery from the controversy.

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