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Was Ralph Cirella Gay In Real Life? Gender, Sexuality Of Makeup Artist

Ralph Cirella, known as Howard Stern’s stylist, recently passed away, leaving the industry saddened. As fans and colleagues come to terms with this loss, many are curious about Cirella’s personal life, especially his sexuality. In this article, we take a closer look at the less-known parts of Cirella’s life to better understand his gender and sexuality.

Ralph Cirella: The Maestro Behind Howard Stern’s Creative Symphony

In 1986, Ralph Cirella stepped into the limelight when he was given the job of creating an exciting broadcast for Howard Stern at the Felt Forum on New Year’s Eve. Although he didn’t appear on screen until 1990, Cirella was crucial in designing costumes and special effects. Howard Stern, in his book Miss America, described Cirella as the staff member who was disliked by almost everyone, making Cirella’s life story even more interesting.

Ralph Cirella’s Quest: Understanding His Sexual Identity

Since Cirella passed away, people have been wondering about his sexuality. As a well-known makeup artist, Cirella’s relationships with TV producers, animators, and actors give us a glimpse into his romantic life. Cirella, who said he was gay from birth, confirmed his identity. His romantic connections with James T. Hanley and later Sam Simon, the co-creator of The Simpsons, make it even clearer.

Also, his relationships with actresses Sandra Bernhard and Sara Switzer show a varied romantic history, indicating that he falls somewhere within the broader spectrum of sexuality, including bisexual tendencies.

Ralph Cirella: Balancing Work and Relationships

Ralph Cirella, as a makeup artist, blended his work life with his personal life. He didn’t get married until he was 58, choosing to concentrate on his successful career. Coming from a modest background with early dreams of acting, Cirella switched to radio hosting and later found success behind the scenes in the cosmetics, costume, and garment industries. Even though his acting aspirations didn’t pan out, Cirella’s commitment to building a prosperous career behind the scenes eventually led him to join forces with Howard Stern.

Ralph Cirella: Industry Influence through Makeup Mastery

Cirella’s impact goes beyond being Howard Stern’s stylist. His achievements behind the scenes opened doors for hosting gigs on Howard 100 radio, where he hosted The Friday Show and Geek Time. Also, Cirella played a role in the makeup departments of well-known productions like Alien Space Avenger, Private Parts, and She’s Back. The unexpected news of his passing at 58 was a surprise to his loved ones, and the cause of death is being kept private for privacy reasons.

Remembering Ralph Cirella: A Heartfelt Farewell from Friends and Family

After Cirella passed away, tributes poured in from his friends and colleagues on social media. John Stamos, in a heartfelt Instagram post, spoke about Cirella as a special person who felt like family. Stamos remembered witnessing Cirella’s talent on sets and recognized the makeup artist’s unrealized potential. Although Cirella’s family hasn’t made official statements yet, supporters have come together to offer their sympathy during this difficult time. As the industry grieves, Cirella’s memory endures through shared memories, stories, and the lasting impact he had on the world of makeup.


To sum up, looking into Ralph Cirella’s life reveals a legacy with many sides. Whether it’s his significant contributions to the entertainment industry or his varied romantic experiences, Cirella’s story is one of talent, creativity, and self-discovery. As we think about him, his impact on the makeup world and the people who were close to him will surely last.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ralph Cirella Gay?

Yes, Ralph Cirella identified as gay and confirmed his sexual orientation.

2. What is Ralph Cirella’s Gender?

Ralph Cirella identified as a male.

3. What is Ralph Cirella’s Age in 2023?

Ralph Cirella is 58 years old in 2023.

4. When was Ralph Cirella Born?

Answer: Ralph Cirella’s date of birth is April 20, 1965.

5. Who were Ralph Cirella’s Romantic Partners?

Ralph Cirella had romantic involvements with James T. Hanley, Sam Simon, Sandra Bernhard, Sara Switzer, and others.

6. What Contributions did Ralph Cirella Make to the Entertainment Industry?

Ralph Cirella made influential contributions as a makeup artist, working on productions like Private Parts, Alien Space Avenger, and She’s Back.

7. Did Ralph Cirella Ever Get Married?

    No, Ralph Cirella didn’t get married until he was 58 because he was concentrating on his career.

    8. What was Ralph Cirella’s Career Path?

    Ralph Cirella began as a radio host, transitioned into the cosmetics and garment industries, and later became Howard Stern’s stylist.

    9. How did Ralph Cirella Impact the Makeup World?

    Ralph Cirella left a lasting impact on the makeup world through his work, including hosting roles on Howard 100 radio.

    10. What is the Cause of Ralph Cirella’s Death?

      The cause of Ralph Cirella’s death has not been publicly revealed to respect privacy.

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