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Barbara Furlow Smiles Husband Ernest Smiles: Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

In July 1985, Barbara Furlow Smiles became well-known for being the Diversity Leader at Facebook, leading efforts to encourage inclusion. Unfortunately, her success story took an unexpected twist when she recently admitted guilt in a significant embezzlement case. This revelation has caused a stir within the professional community, surprising many.

Barbara Furlow Smiles: An Eclectic Life Story

Barbara Furlow Smiles Husband Ernest Smiles: Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

Barbara Furlow Smiles, originally from Georgia, is a diverse person. Besides her job, she’s a successful author with a degree in international relations. She studied in South Africa at the University of Cape Town and volunteered in Costa Rica.

Barbara Furlow’s Smiles and the Success Story of Husband Ernest Smiles

Amid the scandal, attention shifts to Barbara Furlow Smiles’ husband, Ernest Smiles. Living in Portland, Oregon, Ernest isn’t just watching from the sidelines, he’s also an author and a bodybuilding champion, thriving in his career in operations management.

Ernest pursued his education and earned a bachelor’s degree in operations management from Baruch College. He furthered his studies with an MBA from Syracuse University. Starting his career at Home Depot, he worked his way up to become a special service supervisor. Over time, he took on roles at various companies, including Ryder System, Bauer’s Transportation, and NW Natural.

Barbara Furlow Smiles: Unveiling the Wealth of Ernest Smiles

Barbara Furlow Smiles’ husband, Ernest, reached senior positions due to his dedication and technical abilities, earning him a salary in the millions. However, despite his successes, his professional reputation has been spoiled by the recent scandal involving his wife.

Barbara Furlow Smiles: Timing Woes for the Family Adventure Book

Barbara Furlow Smiles: Timing Woes for the Family Adventure Book

In September 2023, Barbara Furlow Smiles and her husband Ernest collaborated on a family adventure book titled “When Imani Smiles In France.” Despite the success of their literary venture, the sad coincidence of the book’s release with the revelation of Barbara’s embezzlement scheme has cast a shadow over their joint accomplishment.

Barbara Furlow Smiles: Facebook’s Million-Dollar Fraud

Barbara Furlow Smiles, in her position as a Diversity Leader at Facebook, had access to company credit cards. Shockingly, she took advantage of this privilege in an embezzlement scheme, allegedly stealing over $4 million to support a lavish lifestyle. Barbara created a kickback plan using Facebook credit cards to compensate family and friends. To hide her actions, she engaged in an elaborate cover-up, submitting fake expense reports and routing transactions through her husband’s account, employing methods such as Federal Express to conceal the wrongful activities.


As we witness the ongoing legal proceedings and the scandal resonating through professional circles, the story of Barbara Furlow Smiles stands as a warning. Her decline from a respected position not only reveals weaknesses in corporate systems but also raises questions about the impact on her family. Particularly, her husband Ernest Smiles, who had a successful career, now faces the tarnish of association with the unfolding events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Barbara Furlow Smiles?

Barbara Furlow Smiles is a former Diversity Leader at Facebook who gained attention due to her involvement in an embezzlement case.

2. What is Barbara Furlow Smiles’ age?

Barbara Furlow Smiles was born in July 1985, making her 38 in 2023.

3. Who is Barbara Furlow Smiles’ husband?

Barbara is married to Ernest Smiles, an author and bodybuilding champion residing in Portland, Oregon.

4. What is Ernest Smiles’ educational background?

Ernest Smiles holds a bachelor’s degree in operations management from Baruch College and an MBA from Syracuse University.

5. What is Ernest Smiles’ current profession?

Ernest Smiles has a successful career in operations management, with experience in roles such as special service supervisor and senior service manager.

6. How long has Barbara Furlow Smiles been married to Ernest Smiles?

The actual year of Barbara and Ernest Smiles’ marriage is not publicly known on the internet.

7. What is the salary of Barbara Furlow Smiles?

The exact salary details of Barbara Furlow Smiles are not publicly revealed, but her husband, Ernest Smiles, is estimated to earn in the millions.

8. What led to the embezzlement case involving Barbara Furlow Smiles?

Barbara Furlow Smiles allegedly embezzled over $4 million from Facebook by misusing company credit cards and orchestrating a kickback scheme.

9. When is Barbara Furlow Smiles set to be sentenced?

Barbara Furlow Smiles is scheduled to be sentenced on March 19, 2024.

10. How has the scandal affected Ernest Smiles’ professional reputation?

The recent scandal involving Barbara has cast a shadow on Ernest Smiles’ professional reputation, despite his successful career in operations management.

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