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Mick Cronin’s Wife: Meet Darlene Taylor + His Daughter

Mick Cronin, the well-respected head coach of the UCLA Bruins, is not only a basketball icon but also a person with a fascinating personal history. This article will explore the details of Mick Cronin’s family life, looking into his relationships with his wife, brother, and son. Starting from his early years in Cincinnati to his impressive coaching career, we’ll uncover the different parts that makeup Mick Cronin’s personal and family life.

Early Life and Family Background

Mick Cronin was born on July 17, 1971, in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mom and dad were Harold “Hep” Cronin and Peggy. Growing up on the west side of Cincinnati, Mick had two siblings, an elder brother named Dan and a sister named Kelly. His dad, Hep Cronin, wasn’t just a high school coach, he did many things like being a teacher, scouting baseball players for the Atlanta Braves, and working at River Downs race track during the summers.

When Mick was young, he got into sports and learning early on. He went to La Salle High School, where he played basketball as the point guard for his dad’s team. He even earned awards for being an excellent player in the city. However, a knee injury happened, and it stopped Mick from playing. This made him turn towards coaching and education.

Sadly, in 2005, there was a very sad event in Mick’s family. His mom, Peggy, passed away because of cancer. This was a tough time for Mick, his brother, and his sister. They had to go through life without their mom.

Educational Journey and Early Coaching Career

Even though things were tough, Mick Cronin went to the University of Cincinnati for his education and finished in 1996 with a degree in History. While he was in college, he got into coaching and started as an assistant coach at Woodward High School. His dad’s influence and his love for the game helped him do well in coaching, especially in developing young players.

People noticed Mick’s coaching skills, and he got the chance to work with famous coaches like Bob Huggins at the University of Cincinnati and later with Rick Pitino at Louisville. Mick became known for his ability to find and recruit really good players, and this played a big part in how his coaching career shaped up.

Personal Life: Marriage, Divorce, and Daughter

Mick Cronin has had both happy and tough times in his personal life. He was married to Darlene Taylor, and they had a daughter named Samantha Cronin. But their marriage had problems, and they decided to separate in 2009. This was a big moment in Mick’s personal story, and he became a single parent, handling the duties of being a dad along with his busy coaching job.

Even after the divorce, Mick stayed very involved in his daughter Samantha’s life. Juggling the challenges of being a single parent, especially with the pressures of coaching college basketball, shows how strong and dedicated Mick is to both his family and his job.

Mick Cronin’s Brother: Dan Cronin’s Journey

Mick’s elder brother, Dan Cronin, has had a tremendous journey. Dan was really good at sports and became a star at Bethel College in both basketball and baseball. His skills on the basketball court even got the attention of the Atlanta Braves, who picked him in the draft in 1988. Besides his sports successes, Dan had a tough time when he got cancer, but he faced it and beat it, becoming a survivor.

The strength and determination shown by both Cronin brothers when things got tough show how their family and upbringing made them strong. Dan beating cancer is a source of inspiration, showing the same kind of fighting spirit we see in how Mick coaches on the basketball court.

Health Challenges: Mick Cronin’s Aneurysm Diagnosis

In December 2014, during the 2014-2015 basketball season, Mick Cronin had a serious health problem. He was 43 years old when doctors found an unruptured aneurysm during medical tests to figure out why he was having unexplained headaches. This news surprised and worried the basketball community, making them wonder about his health and if he could keep coaching.

On January 2, 2015, it was announced that, even though doctors thought he would get better with rest and medicine, Mick Cronin wouldn’t be coaching for the rest of the season. Despite this setback, Cronin stayed hopeful about his health and said he would still be involved in overseeing the team and recruiting new players. By March 30, 2015, Cronin got good news from the doctors, saying he was completely healthy again. This was a big moment, and he came back to his coaching job full-time after dealing with an arterial dissection.

Mick Cronin’s Current Family Life

As of the most recent information, Mick Cronin lives in Anderson Township in Cincinnati with his daughter Samantha. His dad, Hep, is actively involved with Bearcats games, going to practices, and sometimes going with the team on trips.

Coaching Career and Achievements

Mick Cronin’s coaching career has been full of success and determination. He began as an assistant coach in high school and then worked his way up in coaching roles at the University of Cincinnati, Louisville, Murray State, and finally, UCLA.

During his 13 seasons at Cincinnati, Cronin achieved a lot, earning honors like the American Athletic Conference (AAC) Coach of the Year in 2014. Under his guidance, the Bearcats made it to the NCAA Tournament nine times in a row until 2018–2019.

In 2019, when he started coaching at UCLA, Cronin had an immediate impact, getting the Pac-12 Coach of the Year award in his first season. The next year, the Bruins reached the prestigious Final Four, confirming Cronin’s reputation as a coach who can bring about positive changes.

Looking at his coaching history, where he has won almost 69% of the games and led his teams to many tournaments, it’s clear that Cronin is skilled at strategy and building successful basketball programs. As of the latest information, Cronin is still leading the UCLA Bruins and earns an annual salary of $4 million.

Mick Cronin’s Net Worth

Apart from doing well in coaching, Mick Cronin has also been successful financially. As of 2023, it’s thought that he’s net worth somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. This includes the money he gets from coaching contracts and endorsements. Mick’s achievements in college basketball haven’t just brought him financial success but have also made him known and respected in the coaching world and beyond.


Mick Cronin’s life story is more than just what happens on the basketball court. It’s a story of victories, challenges, and the strong support of family. From the important influence of his father to the tough times faced by his brother and the complicated aspects of personal relationships, Mick’s journey is like a woven fabric with many different parts.

While he keeps guiding young athletes at UCLA, Mick Cronin’s legacy is about more than just winning or losing games. It’s about being strong in tough times, having strong family ties, and having a spirit that can’t be defeated. This defines him as a coach who has faced challenges both on and off the court. The different parts of Mick Cronin’s life, talked about in this article, encourage readers to understand the complexities that make up the person behind the coach.

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