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How Many Times Has Shoaib Malik Been Married?

Shoaib Malik became famous for playing cricket in the 90s, not just because he was good at it, but also because of things happening in his personal life. Let’s discuss the marriages associated with Shoaib Malik’s life.

First Marriage: A Silent Union and a Public Unraveling

In the early 2000s, Shoaib Malik got married for the first time. He was in a relationship with a woman named Ayesha, also known as Maha Siddiqui. They had a commitment ceremony called Nikkah over the phone in 2002. However, when Maha told everyone about their marriage, Shoaib did not say anything publicly because he was getting ready to marry the famous Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. People in the media talked a lot about Shoaib’s first marriage, but eventually, he legally ended his marriage with Maha Siddiqui through a divorce.

How Many Times Has Shoaib Malik Been Married?

Second Marriage: The Cross-Border Romance with Sania Mirza

Shoaib Malik got married for the second time to Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. Their marriage lasted for many years and they even had a son named Izhaan Mirza Malik. Their marriage was not just about their personal lives but also a sign of friendship between the two countries. Although people in the media talked about Shoaib and Sania maybe not being together anymore, neither Shoaib nor Sania said officially that they are divorced. Right now, people don’t know for sure what’s happening with their relationship, and it makes fans and the media curious.

How Many Times Has Shoaib Malik Been Married?

Third Marriage: Sana Javed, an Actress in the Tale of Shoaib’s Love Life

Something surprising happened – Shoaib Malik got married for the third time. This has surprised both people in Pakistan and India. The cricket star married Sana Javed, who is a famous actress. This has added a new part to the story of his life. People are now very curious and want to know what is happening between Shoaib and Sania Mirza. Even though there is no official confirmation or clear information, the pictures from Shoaib and Sana’s wedding show that they are starting something new.

How Many Times Has Shoaib Malik Been Married?


Shoaib Malik’s journey in getting married has been like a wild ride with lots of ups and downs – filled with love, things people talk about, and lots of attention from the public. First, his quiet wedding, then his big and famous marriage with Sania Mirza, and now a surprising new marriage with actress Sana Javed. People, including fans and the media, are very interested in Shoaib’s life. Even as the cricket legend keeps going, his personal life remains something people talk about, making sure the interesting story of Shoaib Malik’s marriage stays in the minds of cricket fans for a long time.

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