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Model Aiman Zaman Nikkah Pictures

Aiman Zaman, the famous Pakistani model, social media star, and actor, recently got married to her close friend, Mujtaba Lakhani. The beautiful wedding ceremony took place on February 1st and was attended by many social media celebrities, making it a star-studded event.

The nikkah ceremony, captured wonderfully by the skilled Abdul Samad Zia, beautifully showed the couple, spreading happiness and joy. Aiman Zaman, who has 7.6 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million on Instagram, shared the gorgeous HD pictures from the photoshoot, captivating fans with the couple’s elegance and grace. The careful makeup by Rabia Anam Salon and the stunning outfits by Noman and Bhaiya added to the overall charm of the event.

Before the nikkah, Aiman Zaman shared a sneak peek of the pre-wedding celebrations with a charming photoshoot from the sangeet event. This set the tone for the upcoming grandeur of the wedding. The social media-famous couple looked adorable in their wedding attire, reinforcing their status as a beloved pair among their fans and followers.

As the pictures keep going around on social media, Aiman Zaman and Mujtaba Lakhani’s wedding photoshoot shows how beautiful love is and how happy moments bring people together in celebration. The couple’s journey looks like it will be full of joy, and their fans are excitedly waiting to see more special moments from their life together.

If you also want to see pictures from the nikah photoshoot of your favorite actress Aiman Zaman, then take a look below.

Seeing the happiness on Aiman Zaman and her husband’s faces might just put you in the mood for marriage too!

In the comments section below, don’t forget to congratulate Aiman Zaman on her nikkah. We pray that Allah blesses this couple with ease and happiness in their new life together. Ameen

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