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Viral Girl Nimra Ali Bridal Makeup by Kashees in GMP

Viral girl, Nimra Ali has become a famous Pakistani celebrity overnight. And the day is not far when she will be seen acting in dramas. Because she has done modeling projects with famous clothing brands. And her debut song will be released soon. You can judge how much power there is in social media by the few months of Nimra’s fame.

Nimra Ali belongs to an ordinary family. And none of her family belongs to showbiz. If we talk about her age, she is only 20 years old and is studying in college. But she has been interested in becoming a TV actress since childhood and now her dream has come true.

You all know about Nida Yasir’s morning show which does not need any introduction. She invites new talent and viral kids into her program and gives them a platform to showcase their skills. If we talk about the recent few years, Nida Yasir’s GMP has played a big role in making Nimra Ali and Ahmad Shah famous celebrities.

In today’s morning show, Nida Yasir invited viral girl, Nimra Ali, in which she made her the bride of mayun. And the famous makeup artist Kashees gave such a beautiful look to Nimra. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures from today’s Good Morning Pakistan.

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