Beautiful Pictures of Fatima Effendi Enjoying The Holidays With Her Husband


Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan are considered some of the best duos in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The couple got married a few years ago and started their married life. And now, by the grace of God, they have become the parents of two sons. And their two sons look like princes.

What is special about Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan is that they only act in one or two dramas a year. They like to act in dramas that suit their mood. And that’s why every upcoming drama between these two couples is sure to be a success. And while the couple also appears in a modeling photoshoot.

Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan are an actor as well as a well-known businessman. She has also opened her own restaurant in Karachi in partnership with actress and host Nida Yasir. And the couple is at their restaurant seven days a week. This is why customers are happy to see them. And take selfies with the owners. While Nida Yasir’s husband Yasir Nawaz is also there to serve the customer.

But in today’s article, we will see that Fatima Effendi is seen celebrating the holiday with her husband and children as soon as the lockdown eases. As can be seen in the pictures, both the husband and wife are very happy. It looks like they have just got married. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures with their family while celebrating their holidays.

Do you also celebrate the Holidays like Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan? If so, will tell us in the comments section below. Thanks!


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