Amna Ilyas’s Post Concerning Drunk Person Ignited The Heat Of Criticism  


Amna Ilyas is definitely becoming the most controversial celebrity whose pictures, posts, or appearance in shows bring out huge controversial content that eventually provides netizens enough to speak again this diva. It’s quite true that her blunt style of speaking up on certain things always makes headlines and she’s really bold to talk about taboo topics. Every other day her posts make people furious and consequently troll her for her school of thoughts.

Recently the actress and model Amna Ilyas has shared her thoughts on drunk people and that literally triggered people. She posted a note that read If you receive a text from a drunk person then appreciate it, they are thinking of you at that time when they are unable to think anything else. People couldn’t tolerate her insane school of thought and people are coming up with some intelligent comments as one of social media user pointed out that this sort of thinking can lead to disastrous effects on our society.

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Pakistan social media needs to be regulated under law we shouldn’t wait until it would be too late. How easily she’s talking about being drunk and trying to normalise it in our society. Proportional are commenting that they don’t recieve drunk texts and Amna Ilyas should talk about herself and her surroundings from where and from whom she’s getting these messages.

Only she can be so much relaxed while talking about this shit. She is definitely now crossing every limit and everytime rightly gets trolled. She should think about the culture and norms of this country in which she is living right now. Here are public’s comments, have a look.

One user wrote that there should be some social media laws in Pakistan before it gets too late.

Another user wrote that this is a very easy way to get cheap fame.

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