Javed Sheikh shares experience of working with Shahrukh Khan


Javed Sheikh is a very experienced and talented actor for decade. He was born in 1954, right after ten years of Pakistan came into being. He is a live observer of all the difficulties that Pakistanis bear after the separation. Javed Sheikh has worked in all types of dramas and movies. He has not only served in Pakistan showbiz industry but also performed his working skills in Bollywood movies.

Javed Sheikh’s whole family is known for their acting career. His daughter Momal Sheikh and his son Shahzad Sheikh are also very famous artists. Javed is now seen in the role of Father or grandfather which suits his personality very well. He was recently invited to a TV show “Hasna Mana Hai” hosted by Tabish Hashmi on Geo news. Someone from the audience asked him a question about his experience of working with Shahrukh Khan.

Javed Sheikh replied and elaborate very clearly that his work with Shahrukh Khan was really amazing. He has told about a scene in Bollywood in which he was acting as the father of Shahrukh Khan. Both actors rehearse the scene in front of the director three times and after that Shahrukh asked him to do it again. The scene was practiced six more times by both actors. Javed said that he did it for the sake of the movie and for his own perfection.

Javed Sheikh said that King Khan is a mature, professional, and a man of etiquette. He also told that in the movie there were thirty-two famous actors who worked together and Tabish questioned him that if in Pakistan we gather thirty-two artists then what will happen. Shall it work here or not? Mr. Sheikh replied we do not have 32 legends in our country. We are not compatible with Bollywood industry.

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