Sana Javed having cheat days, Enjoys scrumptious food

Sana Javed having cheat days, Enjoys scrumptious food

Sana Javed is the most ravishing, prominent, and established actress who started her drama career with Pyaray Afzal which turned out to be a huge huge hit. People still have a different liking for this drama series. Fore mentioned drama grabbed the attention of several top-notch directors and producers which eventually lead to more opportunities for Sana Javed. Since then the actress is achieving new heights in her career.

Fitness is the first priority of our celebrities, they definitely go through alot of struggles to maintain their desired weight. From leaving carbs to shedding sweat in gym for several hours, they do alot of hard work. Sana Javed had always been in the best shape and for that purpose, she’s always ready to work hard. Sana is a huge fitness freak.

The food is definitely so scrumptious. Sana is having her cheat days during vacations. We are loving this mesmerizingly stunning and gorgeous girl. We can’t take our eyes off her. These stupendous clicks are worth watching. Here we are going to share some more fascinating and spell-binding clicks of Sana Javed. Don’t miss it. Have a look.

In an interview, Nida Yasir revealed that during the shoot of the film Mehrunisa V Lub You, Sana Javed spent three days without food just to get fit in a saree. Nida revealed that Sana was living on coffee and everybody on the set asked her to eat anything but she refused. Sana is diet conscious but in her latest post, Ruswai actress is spotted having fast food.

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