Mahira Khan announces the launch of her own brand ‘MbyMahira’


Mahira Khan is a well-known celebrity who hails from both Pakistan and India. She gained widespread recognition with her iconic serial ‘Humsafar’ and the film ‘Bol’. The success of these projects marked the beginning of her journey to stardom, and she has continued to rise ever since. Today, Mahira Khan is not just a successful actress, but also a successful entrepreneur. She has established her own portal ‘Mashion Pk’, which serves as a go-to source for young Pakistani women seeking fashion inspiration.

Mahira Khan announces the launch of her own brand 'MbyMahira'

Mahira Khan’s popularity reached new heights after the widespread success of her white kurtas. As a result, she decided to capitalize on her newfound fame and launch her own clothing line. ‘MbyMahira’ is her latest venture, which aims to bring minimal and elegant white dresses to the masses. The brand’s first collection, titled ‘Razia,’ is soon to be released and promises to offer a range of stunning all-white ensembles. With her fashion line, Mahira intends to showcase her unique style and bring her vision of simple and sophisticated fashion to the forefront.

The MbyMahira brand recently posted a promotional video on Instagram, featuring a young woman inquiring about the return of the white kurta to her wardrobe. Mahira Khan has been frequently seen donning stunning white outfits, making her the perfect ambassador for the brand. On February 12, 2023, the highly anticipated first collection ‘Razia’ will be unveiled. Are you eagerly waiting to add Mahira Khan’s fashion to your wardrobe?

It remains to be seen if Mahira Khan will be able to replicate her success in the acting industry in the business world. There is much buzz on social media, with people suggesting that her brand could achieve great success if she offers her collection at affordable prices, making it accessible to a wider audience. The price range of her first collection, ‘Razia,’ will be revealed in the coming days upon its launch. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see if Mahira Khan’s fashion line will live up to the expectations and provide both style and affordability.

The brand has teased the public with intriguing images of Mahira Khan in stunning white attire. Have a look!

Mahira Khan announces the launch of her own brand 'MbyMahira'
Mahira Khan announces the launch of her own brand 'MbyMahira'
Mahira Khan announces the launch of her own brand 'MbyMahira'
Mahira Khan announces the launch of her own brand 'MbyMahira'

As for Mahira Khan’s acting career, would you like to continue seeing her in TV dramas and movies or do you feel that you have had enough of her on-screen? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Please let us know your perspective. Thank you!

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  1. Looks like a great venture. MbyMahira, an ode to poise, grace and aesthetic sensibility. Let it be like that, classic and elegant. Less revealing as some blouses tell much. Consider.


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