Yasir Hussain and Hina Parvez Butt caricature each other on Samaa TV show


Yasir Hussain is a famous actor who gets fame after his blockbuster Pakistani movie “Lahore Se Agay”. He is an ordinary-looking guy who is married a famous super talented actress Iqra and the couple is now blessed with a lovely child Kabir Hussain. Yasir has proved by his actions that he is a caring husband and a loving father to his child. These two qualities are enough for a happy life and maybe Iqra chooses him because of his sincerity and loving nature.

Yasir Hussain is a true lover of PTI and he was invited to a show “Super Over” on Samaa TV that was hosted by the legend Ahmed Ali Butt. Ahmed also invited Hina Parvez Butt who is the youngest parliamentarian and belongs to Pakistan Muslim League Noon. She is a fashion designer and also a highly educated forty years old lady. She was born in Lahore and get her early education from there then she moved to Dubai where she has done master’s in international relations from Middlesex University.

Actor Yasir Hussain mocked Hina Pervaiz Butt for wearing a watch that was worth twenty-five lac Pakistani rupees. Hina as usual did not ignore it and replied back to Yasir that it’s not a good thing to do personal attacks on a live show and if you are talking about this watch then I am telling you that this watch belongs to my father and I wear it as a souvenir of my father. Have a video look!

The whole show went like this because two opposite members were present there as we know Yasir likes PTI and Hina did not go slow and kept blaming Imran Khan for the rising inflation in Pakistan. The public reacted positively and also negatively. Some people said that Yasir did a great job and others said Hina is a puppet of PMLN who does not know the worth of twenty-five lac rupees.

What do you say about this controversial interview of Hina Perwaiz Butt and Yasir Hussain? Please share your views in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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